Alyssa Rocking to some GnR – Sweet Child O’ Mine

Alyssa was born to rock. I’m certain of this. No real rhyme or reason why I say this other than her own personal gravitation to hard rock and metal. She listens to the crap on Disney channel too, the TV show intros, the songs on Austin & Ally, the works.

But when she struts into the office with her Bubble Guppies guitar and says to me, “DaDa, I want to ROCK!” I know my soul is inside of her to at least some degree.

So what do I do? Crank up an old school 80s rock video in Guns-N-Roses,¬†Sweet Child O’ Mine and see what happens next.

Alyssa rocks¬†Sweet Child O’ Mine like a BOSS!

I didn’t know what to expect. I know she likes to sing along, jump up and down with the toy guitar and repeatedly yell out, “I’m a ROCKSTAR” but what happened kind of shocked me. She started repeating the chorus!

Watch the video, enjoy the cuteness overload of a rocking 3 year old in Frozen pajamas.