Puppetry for Beginners – Learning the Basics

Puppetry for Beginners is a fantastic video series on YouTube by Colin Dymond utilizing puppets by the great Steve Axtell. Steve’s puppets are very well known in the professional puppeteering industry and if you are going to learn the art of puppetry on anything, one of his creations is the way to do it!

I’ve posted all of the videos in the Puppetry for Beginners series and want to recap them all for you here. This makes it easy to get all of your puppeteer training videos in one place. Go through them in sequence or jump around to where you need the most work. Each video is only a few minutes and gives you plenty of information to keep you practicing for hours.

Puppetry for Beginners video series includes:

  1. Introduction
  2. Basic Staging
  3. Bird Arm Illusion Staging
  4. Staging Your Hand
  5. Conveying Emotions
  6. Puppet Tricks
  7. Communication

If you go through these videos one by one you are sure to learn some great mechanical basics for your puppeteering. You will lay down a fantastic foundation to work and build from. Don’t be fooled. This takes a lot of time, dedication, and effort to progress and become fluid with your characters. Not to mention EVERY puppet is different. Size, shape, and character movement all play a part and no two puppets are alike. Using these skills and honing them now will allow you the ability to recognize and adjust for each performance.

Most of all, have fun! While many professional puppeteers already have watched, perfected, and even taught Puppetry for Beginners to others, for the average weekend warrior or part-time performer this can be a game changing video series. It allows you to bring that personality and spirit out of your puppet, because you will have the technical aspects down cold!

Enjoy the series, and thank you to Steve and Colin for their hard work in developing the characters and videos that made Puppetry for Beginners possible.