Moonlighting App – Opportunity. Everywhere.

I’m always looking for ways to connect with different markets, maybe change a typical offer into something higher or lower end, and generally create more business for myself daily. That’s part of the grind of life, right?

One night on the couch I’m on Facebook and see an ad for an app called Moonlighting App. They’re promoting the concept that you can look for or offer up smaller sized jobs as a ‘moonlighter’ and make some side income. Ok, great. Let’s give it a shot.

Moonlighting AppI crank up the app and am greeted by a pretty standard window giving me an account snapshot. I can check for local moonlighting opportunities on the top window. Look to hire a moonlighter in the second.. and finally MAKE MONEY NOW. That ever alluring phrase to post up my “job” and see if anyone bites.

Make money now! Let’s do this.

Moonlighting AppSo away we go to the next window and fill out my offers details. For this gig I’m selling a service. Low cost, 24 hours to completion websites. Perfect for small business owners looking for that 2-3 page site upgrade and need it yesterday, microsites, and other low end clients.

This is geared to people wanting quick and dirty websites that have all the bells and whistles but they don’t want to (or can’t afford) all of the hand holding, consultation, and content creation I would typically offer to larger clients.

I click on Add to Moonlighting and go back to my evening. Will this bring in a windfall of leads? Crickets? Only time will tell.

I wait to see if the Moonlighting App will be a new lead source

The next day a rep from Moonlighting App shoots me an email and I write back. We start up a conversation and talk about the Moonlighting App Ambassador program.

Essentially Moonlighting is a PayPal alternative, and the Ambassador program will give you some rewards like a percentage bonus on payments received through their marketplace, referral signups, etc.

I’m not entirely interested for one reason, I’m not even sure this is going to bring me any BUSINESS in the first place. So signing up for a program on a system that I haven’t proven effective for me is a bit premature. Regardless I enjoy opening the line of communication with the Moonlighting App folks and want to see where I can take this for my own benefit. After all I’m using this app too sell my services. That’s the goal. Until that goal is met the rest is moot.

Moonlighting App

Selling websites is never easy

Now like most things web related, it’s a tough sell. Places like India and the Philippines have devalued the web market for quite some time and the low end clients now are so low end most US based people can’t afford to even waste time trying to pull in those clients. They’re just too programmed to think being on the same weebly service as 40,000 other chiropractors is somehow a viable way to market their business. The days of me spending time trying to convince those people is long gone. It’s a timesink you never profit from.

So I get proactive and contact 5-6 projects on the Moonlighting App and see if I can bid and sell my services. There mostly lower end projects but if it breaks the ice I’ll take a lower payday to get things going. Emails go out and the next day I hear back from 2 of the projects. Both thanked me for contacting them so they can take down their ads. Hooray.

I keep in contact with the Moonlighting App team since I believe they are truly trying to build a good app and I’ve given them my opinions and thoughts for the sake of a better product. My first contact at Moonlighting App puts me in touch with their Social Media Engagement person who starts up a Facebook Ad for me.

Moonlighting App

Other than my being a “local native” I think it’s a cool ad and appreciate their trying to promote my offers. After all since they’re a payment processing business selling my essentially sells them. It’s a win-win situation.

This blog post? I offered it to share my experience. I’m in no way being paid, the ad was never contingent on my posting here I offered it after the fact, and my experience is on a user-level exclusively. Am I a proactive guy trying to build relationships that can potentially benefit myself? Sure. But I’m not being compensated for it by the Moonlighting App team. Just wanted that to be 100% crystal clear.

So what now? How are my Moonlighting App sales to date?

Sadly I’m still at no sales. I think the biggest issue right now is how much of the market is geared towards what I’m selling. There are a LOT of odd-jobs out there and business services is definitely one of many in the field.

I’m going to keep marching forward, redesign my moonlighting ad to try to attract more opportunity. I’ll update down the road and see if that Facebook Ad pulls in any leads.

Current Grade: The jury is not out yet. I’m willing to give this new app some time.

Moonlighting App UPDATE 10/8/2017:

After trying the Moonlighting App for a while over 2 years ago I never once got a piece of business from the app. Not a single contract. It was 100% the wrong fit for me in every respect. The app while ok from a functionality point of view suffered from dozens of others in this space. People looking to pay dollar store prices.

Hard pass for anyone selling professional services. Walk away from the Moonlighting App or better yet, never download it in the first place.