A Lifetime of Being a Community Manager

My name is Steve and I’m a Community Manager.

I never really recognized this until recently. I’m looking for a new job / career path right now and my work history has been in the Customer Service / Sales / Marketing world for a long time in a variety of positions ranging from giving tech demos to new customers, to C-suite management sessions with corporate giants like IBM.

I give good phone, I manage people well, I understand how to make a client happy. Unfortunately, I’m always left feeling like it’s time to jump off a bridge. You work to work at times regardless of your feelings or opinions on what you do. Assuming it’s legal and ethical of course, we’re talking corporate world here and the song and dance required to be a part of it.

Then I realized something. I’m a Community Manager.

So how did I come to this conclusion? Well, it’s pretty simple so let me lay it out in blocks of my life and bullet points for your sake and mine:

Hayes 300 Baud Smartmodem

Was this not the standard 300 baud modem most of us had?


  • 300 baud modem running numerous BBS systems in the 80’s and 90’s my life as a pre-internet community manager was born
  • AOL chatrooms, CompuServe, Prodigy, all the good stuff of the early internet

College Years to Mid-90’s:

  • More BBS’ing – probably on those awesome 9600 modems by now I forget
  • Chat sites are growing on systems like MajorBBS and I’m a part of many
  • My first websites were going live for friends, family, my interest and hobbies

Late-90’s into the 2000’s:

  • Building more and more websites and settings up forums, now for small business clients
  • Participating online for dozens of communities in an active role
  • Moderating numerous forums
  • Admin for many of those same forums

From the 2000’s until today:

  • Participating / Moderating in (i don’t want to think of the #’s) of online communities
  • Building client websites, forums, membership sites, support sites
  • Operating Facebook Groups and Pages
  • Twitter and Instagram like a mad man
  • YouTube from time to time, with a hint of Google+ for good measure
  • All of the business related social sites both for the industry I’ve worked in, and generic business sites like LinkedIn

You get the picture by now. This is 40+ years in the making! That’s not even including my day to day work experience in Customer Service, Tech Support, Sales and Marketing, and everything else I’ve done for a paycheck over the years.

That is a lot of community manager work that I never really put my finger on as being the one thing I really am passionate about and enjoy doing every day. Slapping trolls on the butt and sending them packing is my second nature. Keeping community members active and participating is something I excel at. I love engaging people and there is no such thing as a stranger to me. It’s the ultimate jack-of-all-trades position.

So my quest begins here. Is being a Community Manager a viable career path? There are countless companies out there offering these kind of services to corporate clients large and small. Most are work-at-home which for me taking care of Alyssa during the day would be an ideal fit and my availability as a night owl is surely a positive. I’ve been finding and sending my resume out to all of these companies I can find since yesterday.

Let’s see what happens over the next few days. I’m going to keep identifying and introducing myself to all the companies I can find that do this professionally. I know I’m a perfect fit, they just haven’t met me yet!


Community ManagerNow if you FOUND this on the net and have an open Community Manager position…

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