Lengo’s Ice Cream World

Sweets? Not really my thing. With the exception being sugar in my coffee my day to day routine does not involve cake, cookies, candy, and the other sweet treats people generally crave. Does that help me stay relatively good shape while getting older? Sure.

Last night we wanted to take Alyssa out for some ice cream. A quick Google search yielded a place making HOMEMADE ice cream! Lengo’s Ice Cream World.

So what’s up with Lengo’s Ice Cream World?

Family owned and operated, it sits on Merrick Road in Merrick on the north side of the road in a small shopping center. You walk in and your eyes meet a wonder of images. Some of the owners history and family, some of the ice cream treats all around. Everything is made FRESH and the owner is tirelessly hopping around his shop making sure the next fresh batch of ice cream and water ices are ready to go. Yup, fresh home made water ices are available here too. Perfect for people with lactose intolerance or just wanting a slightly healthier treat.

Butter Pecan at Lengo's Ice Cream World

Sorry by the time I thought of taking pics it was almost all gone! Butter Pecan

What did we have at Lengos Ice Cream World?

Mommy had Chocolate Ices, Alyssa had Strawberry, and I had Butter Pecan. Well, let me rephrase that. We ORDERED those items, but Alyssa ate HALF of my cup, half of her own, and some of mommy’s ices to boot.

There are tables in the middle of the store so you can take that fresh scooped ice cream and sit right down to attack the cup with an ice cream ferocity rarely seen with commercial products. Even other local (and probably more well known) home made ice cream locations here on Long Island pale in comparison.

Strawberry at Lengo's Ice Cream World

Strawberry was filled with fresh strawberries, not tiny refrozen chunks. I’m not a strawberry fan and thought it was awesome which says something.

Lengo’s Ice Cream World also had a full selection of every ice cream truck treat you could possibly think of. We picked up a Hello Kitty ice pop for Alyssa as a treat for during the week while we were there and the gentleman running the shop kept it in the freezer for us while we enjoyed our sweet treats. Customer Service that rocks? Hard to find, but it’s certainly at Lengo’s. You can tell by the customers coming in, all of whom seemed like regulars, loved coming here for the cold home made ice cream AND warm hearted man running the place. It’s Long Island, half of the stores are run by disconnected jackasses around here. When you find a place where someone actually cares about their customers and product like this? Keep going back! That’s the business that deserves your support.

Take your family out for a treat tonight to Lengo’s Ice Cream World, you won’t regret it!