Trending News – What the F*CK!

We live in a world where Trending News is commonplace, a daily part of our news intake process. We all see headlines from Facebook posts, Tweets, News Websites, the TV, and countless other resources.

It our own fault, making breaking news happens by clicking and sharing (some gamed by big media of course) so we only have ourselves to a degree to blame. We like sensational content, stories that are no meat all filler. Hot garbage of society and entertainment, the works. If it’s borderline mental, we’re clicking and reading like a bunch of savages.

Today I see the following Trending News articles and all I can think is WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE!!!

  • Bear Grylls aka the pretend survivalist is going to have Barack Obama on as a guest of his show. Way to go Mr. President, you are endorsing someone that could potentially KILL the idiots who watch his show. Well done. Maybe next time call up Cody Lundin a real expert you may actually learn from.
  • Some kid 14yo girls crave from One Direction is at a pizzeria near Villanova U campus. RIVETING NEWS.
  • James Earl Jones reported as dead is a HOAX! Whew. This happens usually to guys like Nick Cage but luckily it’s not true.
  • Kanye West announced that he is going to run for President in 2020. Sure, that’s exactly what the nation needs. Holy hell.

I could go on and on with this junk. It’s amazing to me this is the kind of trending news we have in the world today. Sure, there are topics on real news, science, technology (Google unveiled loosely their new logo), sports, and whatever else but it’s not like trending news headlines are made to do anything other than get your click. It’s a form of glorified click-bait. Even “real news” sources like CNN news spend half their days making the website into a click-bait hellhole of pseudo news stories with the intention of keeping you around to read more.

In the end? The car wrecks always rise to the top.