Watch This Family Feud Answer That Left Everyone Laughing

This family feud clip immediately as she responded you can see her brain already in regret mode. Her reaction to her own words was a telling sign that even if you had it on mute it was time to put the show back on full blast to catch the moment taking place.

Family Feud is chock full of gems like this

What do you think a doctor might pull out of someone?

Simple question right? Well the answer was simple and hell, even common for some.

A gerbil!

Yes, you read that right, she replied with, “A gerbil” and everyone lost it immediately. Awesome moment on Family Feud.

Is it just me or has this show gone from ho hum to absolutely epic with the addition of Steve Harvey? The guy is a King of Comedy for a reason and he brings out the awesome in every contestant. He also