Vault-Tec Rep Sales Calls Angering Random People

Here’s your gamer ha-ha moment for the day from Fallout 4.

Fantastic prank calls from ICEnJAM on YouTube perfect for the Fallout / Vault-Tec fan in anyone.

You just HAVE to love the last caller, Joe. He answers the most ridicules questions without any shock or hesitation. Even “What would you do if a mutated hand was growing out of your stomach?” did not phase this man in the slightest.

His answer? “Drugs & Alcohol.”

Well done Joe, you are Vault-Tec approved. See you in the apocalypse!

As much of a gamer as I may be, and a huge prank call fan (maybe dabbled in that a time or two LOL) the biggest issue here was the average schmuck just doesn’t get it. It’s well above their head.

The Vault-Tec representative goes door to door to ask various citizens to reserve their spot in Vault 111. Unfortunately, he isn’t very well received as most assume him to be nothing more than a salesman. They do not recognize his greatness in all things Fallout 4. A shame really.