Fuck It Friday – Bacon, Egg, and Cheese

In the Tom Cruise Classic, Risky Business, his character Joel looks over at his best friend and says, “Sometimes, you just gotta say What the Fuck!” and you know what, he is TOTALLY right.

So I decided to do something a little outside the box of the normal blogging world and start up a #FuckItFriday campaign where I’m just going to say ‘Fuck It’ about something in life. Personal destruction? Who knows. But if I read another blog post about how parenting is so difficult for Mom/Dad/Goat of 3 or equally exhausting styled blogs I’m just going to never post again.

Fuck It Friday

People NEED to unload every once in a while and this is going to be that resource. It doesn’t have to be just about me either, although I most certainly love when things revolve around me like any true narcissistic asshole does I’m willing and able to share the other stories out there of people just saying ‘Fuck It’

A bagel sandwich with bacon, egg, and cheese. It sure as hell would not make my Cardiologist happy but since he has known me since I’m a kid I have a feeling he will understand the allure of such a magical treat. When I took Alyssa out for a walk this morning to the neighborhood deli (something you absolutely must scout out when buying a home to keep that old school community vibe) it was going to be the usual routine. Have her pick some stuff, come home and eat my coffee and oatmeal. But it’s Friday, and Fuck It Friday was destined to be born.

That’s all I got for you today. #FuckItFriday is here and every week I’ll post up some new thing where caution is being thrown to the wind, calls must be made, and life altering decisions are made on a whim. Story you want to share? Hit me up on social media until I get a contact form up 🙂