The Pacification of People via the Internet

The Pacification of People has begun. Look around you. Maybe there’s 4 walls, a few desks, an open field, or from the drivers seat of your car. Where you are doesn’t really matter so much as how you are connected.

via the Internet.

I’m no different, just as guilty as the rest with my online vices. Everyone is on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, a million and one online games, dating sites, you name it — there’s an APP for it!

We argue on sites like Facebook over politics, people unfriend each other after 40 years over who they’re voting for and one particular issue. It leads me to one thing…

When did we get so soft as people? Has the pacification of people already taken too tight of a grip on society?

Back ‘in the day’ it was ok for people to disagree. They argued it out like cats and dogs on a screened patio and then went inside to share a cocktail and have a laugh over their combined stupidity. Everyone rejoiced on the two coming together once again and the next weekend they did it all over again.

Now? NOT A CHANCE!! The Pacification of People is too strong!

You say one wrong word the hellfire of the internet will come down upon you. Social Justice Warriors and the like ruining the internet 1 day and post at a time. It’s no longer about the issues, but who can scream the loudest — from their COMPUTER.

Long gone are the days of real social interaction like you remember as a kid. Sure, some of us (many in fact) still have BBQ’s and hang out but the conversations are flat and a shadow of what they once were.

I’m just ranting ONLINE about people no longer ranting IN-PERSON

Yup, basically. Wanna know why?

If I yelled this outside my door nobody would know or hear it because they’re too engrossed in their iPhones and never-ending list of apps soaking away their time, brain, and creativity.

Want a solution? I GOT ONE.


That’s it.


It sounds a LOT easier than it will be that’s for sure. When Superstorm Sandy hit we all had no choice but to unplug for almost 2 weeks. Sure we charged up the phones in the cars as needed but you were not blowing that charge on Candy Crush or Clash of Clans. You kept it for a LIGHT at night, or to actually call other humans to make sure they were ok. Other than that, it was lights out sucker.

Let’s make this MORE than just another stupid rant about obvious things.

I challenge YOU to have a conversation with someone this week that is deeper than if you leveled up in some game, got your next follower milestone, or some other online task or goal. Talk about a real world polarizing ISSUE in the world around you.

I’ll even give you some topics of conversation to undo the brutal Pacification of People disease you are afflicted with:

  • Jared Fogle the former Subway pitchman turned disgusting serial rapist and kiddie porn watcher.
  • Ferguson / Baltimore / next riot spot here
  • Israel (always juicy)
  • Obamacare
  • The current state of our education system
  • Gun control

Pick a topic, any topic. I’ve given you enough to be dangerous with now right? Go drop a bomb on one of your friends or co-workers today and reestablish the lines of communication and human interaction. You will thank me for it later!