Luke Purry has ARRIVED!

Our fur family has grown by one this past week and we have welcomed Luke Purry into our home with open arms and inviting bowls of kitten food.

It’s been a few months since my longtime companion cat, Delicious, passed away. She was 19, and I adopted her as a kitten from a pet store going out of business when the harried owned barked at me, “20 bucks kid and I don’t have the papers.” Quickly I gave him the $20 and for the next 19 years I had my cat soul-mate. Delicious was everything you ever wanted in a cat: agile, vocal (meows from the heavens), silly, and loyal. She never experienced bad health until the bitter end, and she went quickly when it was her time to cross over that Rainbow Bridge.

My daughter is 4 and was very sad. We got her a stuffed animal that looked like Delicious and told her she will be watching us now. That stuffed kitty sleeps with her every single night since.

Luke Purry is in the building

Fast forward 3-4 months and you have last weekend. I get a Facebook post on my timeline of a cute little critter named Luke Purry from the local adoption agency. I don’t know what came over me, the wife, and even the kid who saw the post…. but Luke Purry was DESTINY!

Later that same evening we were in the animal shelter doing the paperwork, hit up the pet store for some new treats, kitten food, another litter box, toys, the usual new cat welcoming package and Luke came home with us.

1 week later he jumped the fence of our office in a pristine jailbreak and he introduced himself to Buffy and Bandit our other 2 cats, and Scoobie the friendly neighborhood 45lbs hound dog mutt mix.

Check out Luke Purry on the following places (yes he’s a social media cat, after all he was on 9021meow)

Luke Purry on Instagram

Luke Purry on Twitter

Luke Purry on Facebook

Nothing completes a new cat post on the inter webs like some cute and cuddly pics so check out the gallery below: