Starbucks New Muffin – The Sad Liberal

Rough night for many with the US 2016 Election.

A+ to Starbucks, the kings of putting a coffee bean direct into my body, for serving up sadness to their customers 🙂

“The Sad Liberal”

It’s going to be a brave new world with Trump induced stress and Trump induced anxiety cases being at an all time high. Just the daily Trump news alone will be enough to break the souls and spirit of the American people.

But Starbucks, they went straight savage with their sad liberal muffin. Respect to the usually left leaning brand to just say fuck it to their customers 🙂

I don’t care who you get your am coffee from, just remember to keep the coffee roasted to perfection and your Trump anxiety hotline number on speed dial. Hold on bitches, we’re in for a wild ride!