What is FleeceHEAD about?

FleeceHEAD SteveIt’s about me, Steve. This is my online home for all of my gaming, entertainment, and my love for puppetry. Whether it’s my own personal creations and projects or things I just find fascinating in the world and want to share. I want to start getting into┬álive streaming now that I have additional time during the day, sounds like a fun mission. Like most things I will try to keep it light and fun. Tell stories from my wacky lifetime on this rock they call Earth.

Puppets? How did you get started in puppetry?

I’m still not 100% certain how this all came about. One night I was on the internet surfing like we all do, back in 2003 or 2004. Something got me onto the idea of ‘I want to build professional puppets, this is my destiny’ and it began.

Larry the Lizard. The foam under actually has much nicer contour I may revisit him some day.

Researching, buying books, collecting tools and supplies, the WORKS. I must have spent close to a grand before even sewing a stitch. Oh yeah, bought that sewing machine too with absolutely no knowledge on how to sew let alone thread the machine!

…and it happened. I made my first “creation” and named him, Larry the Lizard. To this day I still have not completed Larry, he is just a head. Many flaws from shiny material I should have treated first, to squared off snout with no depth and shape. I could go on and on. But you always have your first! Larry the Lizard is my first.

From there I started experimenting with various shapes, patterns (both paid for and free online patterns available for those looking), just any material I could get my hands on to experiment with. I went through a metric ton of hot glue and foam at this time because there is no other way to learn than just getting your hands dirty and doing it.

The next thing you know, I had a closet completely taken over in our small apartment at that time.

So did you start a website? YouTube channel?

Yes and yes. It started as an HTML website called Rotten Puppets. It’s long since defunct I gave up the domain a while ago wanting to move forward. There was also a site called Obamadome for the Presidential Puppet himself, and a YouTube channel, Break, etc. Some of the videos did better than others but they were all pretty NSFW for language, some funnier than others, but overall a great learning experience.

I did a video blog as Wolfun, my first mascot creation. I would sit in my living room for 5-6 minutes talking about the world around us. As a NYC wolf with attitude. It was ok, another learning experience.

I even sold some t-shirts to fans, button packs, there was an online forum (rotten forums) that went with the site, the works. Heck I still have a pile of shirts and buttons in the basement I could give away if folks want to have a content here once things get moving. But I was never 100% behind it because my heart just wasn’t in it 100% and eventually I closed up all of the websites and let them die off, stopped renewing the hosting and domains, and let the door to my puppet world close. Luckily, that door did not close forever.

Let’s be real, there’s enough toilet humor out there and doing it with a professional puppet is just overkill. Makes production times take forever, green screen, etc. all for a short clip and doing it as a 1 man show. I spent countless nights editing videos, pulling green screen footage, and all that jazz. I want to have fun, show people how to enjoy themselves, make people laugh. All that good stuff. Give the puppets meaning.

It just doesn’t need to be done with dick jokes and puppet murder.

Now what, FleeceHEAD? WTF is a FleeceHEAD?

It’s just a harmless name I typed into GoDaddy that was available. Most of what we as puppet builders build is foam and fleece so I figured you know what, I AM A FLEECEHEAD!

Better than a crackhead, right?

So FleeceHEAD was born. My new and improved slice of the internet to share my love and passion with you guys and gals.

Where is the new site going?

I’m also really into gaming, music, weird and viral news stories, live streaming, and more. When things tickle my fancy I’ll be posting about it here to share with you, the FleeceHEAD Army. Welcome to the Wasteland.

Thanks for stopping by!